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Do not send a note unless you have read the entire post. This means you must have reached the textbox that allows you to comment.

I have searched for RPG Maker sprites of Touhou characters, and there are only VX and earlier. RPG Maker MV has a higher resolution and more detail. There is a generator in MV but it is not possible to create all Touhou characters with it.

These sprites will be used in an extension/AU of AkaiChounokoe's Touhou fanfiction, Gensokyo 20XX, which will be on YouTube. I am using RPG Maker MV as a medium for animation.

Keep in mind, that some episodes may be NSFW or have mature themes and/or very serious and controversial implications. Make sure you are willing to be credited in a Not Safe For Work creation before agreeing to this offer. Do not worry, you will not be asked to create obscene, nude or otherwise mature sprites unless you choose to do so. You will be paid extra for the mature sprites, as I do not intend to include visual nudity in the series to begin with, but I will be capable if you make the sprites for it.

Since I have had problems with a user who claimed to take a commission deposit before they started their first piece in a previous job offer, all payments will be made after I receive the full quality sprites. To offset this, payment per combination of walking map, collapse map, battle sheets, and two face sheets for 16 total facial expressions, will be no less than $100AUD per requested character, converted to your local currency. You will be credited at the end of each episode, and you will receive an extra $1AUD for each episode your sprites appear in, per character. (eg. if you created Marisa Kirisame for $100 and Sanae Kochiya for $100, if only Marisa appears in the episode, you will receive $1 extra, but if both Marisa and Sanae appear in the same episode, you will receive $2 instead after that episode is uploaded, totaling $202.)
Payments will be processed through Paypal only.

The obvious demo character in order to be hired is none other than Reimu Hakurei, the Shrine Maiden of Paradise. The demo work is solely to be hired in order to be paid for other characters, and you will not be paid for the demo work. That is, however, the one thing you will not be paid for. There are at least 100 more characters beyond Reimu that you can be paid for. Do the math for that and you'll find it is worth it. Keep in mind that eventually, I will have requested every character in the franchise.
Once I have a good Reimu sprite, the demo character will be changed since I won't need another Reimu.

If you are also interested in creating the same type of sprites for characters in Gensokyo 20XX, a Touhou darkfic by AkaiChounokoe, state such in the Note. Characters introduced in the fanfiction include Outside World human soldiers, a prison warden, Ran Yakumo's husband Ren, and a previously-unnamed kistune whose name (given to me by AkaiChounokoe herself) will be revealed in the animated series.
This will include any characters that I create as a result, if I am incapable of creating their sprites myself using the sprite generator built into RPG Maker MV.

All serious applications to be sent as Notes. Requirements for hiring:
-Interest in Touhou Project
-Interest in RPG Maker MV
-Experience playing at least one official Windows Touhou Project game
-A copy of RPG Maker MV to test the sprites before sending them to me
-Any art program to create from scratch or edit RPG Maker MV sprites
-The skill necessary to create from scratch or edit RPG Maker MV sprites in said art program, especially to create Touhou Project character sprites
-The demo character currently requested on this offer page, sent to me by email when you confirm the requirements above this one (only then will I give you my email address)
If you had been hired and happen to no longer meet the above requirements, you will no longer be working for me unless you have an explanation for no longer owning a copy of RPG Maker MV or an art program.
If you do lose your job, you will still be credited for any sprites of yours that appear in an episode, and you will still be paid the $1 per character when they appear in an episode, as you created those sprites and thus own the rights to their use. You will simply not be asked to create new sprites or be paid $100 per character for new sprites.

When I ask you for a character, the following sprites must be created:
-walking map sprite sheet with each direction correctly positioned
-collapsed map sprite row
-battle sprite sheet
-two face sheets, 16 expressions total
Variations of these sprites may be requested as the series progresses, such as bleeding, scars, injuries, flashbacks to younger versions, or the corpses of certain characters.

The face sheets must contain the following 16 expressions:
1. Neutral
2. Calm smile
3. Excited smile
4. Annoyed
5. Weak anger (as in upset, submissive)
6. Strong anger (as in the character will attack)
7. Concerned fear
8. Absolutely terrified fear
9. Disappointed
10. Dry face sad
11. Slight sign of tears
12. Crying with eyes open
13. Crying with eyes closed
14. Slight blush
15. Strong blush
16. Asleep
Other expressions may be requested as the series progresses. (As stated in the warning about NSFW content, some expressions may indicate varying levels of pleasure, whether wanted or unwanted by the character receiving it)

Perks of this job:
-No deadline, I am willing to delay an episode or put the series on hiatus if need be, however you will only be paid for a character when I receive all of his/her/its sprites.
-People seeing your usernames in the credits (and if you want, your real first given name and surname) will look for you and may find interest in your art.
-You will always be aware of which episodes your sprites will appear in, so that you do not have to look through the credits to find your name (though you can anyway if you really want to be sure that I'm crediting you)
-Other people who wish to hire you for similar work will also be able to find you.
-After each season finale, the total payment you have received will be calculated and then you will be paid 10% of the total as a loyalty bonus. Since it is a loyalty bonus, it will obviously not apply to those who are no longer working and only being credited for sprites that have already been created.

If, and only if you agree to all of the above, you may now send a Note to apply. There will be four(4) spaces open for this job. I will hire no more than that, but I will keep this thread open if possible in case a space is available again for whatever reason.
Since my idea to hire artists for a fanime went through the floor, I decided instead that I can just use RPG Maker MV as a base platform to animate on. But the only sprites for Touhou Project normally found for RPG Maker searches are for VX Ace.
RPG Maker MV has a different resolution to the character sprites, and also includes a side-view battle sheet for each character.
Gensokyo 20XX is a darkfic created by Amoridere (AkaiChounokoe on dA) which tells the story of Gensokyo, the core setting of Touhou Project, finding its destruction by the humans of the Outside World (our world). It is a very depressing fanfiction, sometimes scary (your mileage may vary as a reader of it).
The author, Amoridere/AkaiChounokoe, has authorized me and is in fact working with me, to create an expansion to Gensokyo 20XX, which tells the story of Gensokyo 20XX as if the original fanfiction were simply a prophecy, and as such, the story features five or more extra characters.

So these are the resources I need:
1. Touhou Project / Gensokyo 20XX character sprites for walking on the map (eg. Reimu Hakurei, Yukari Yakumo, fairy enemies, Amoridere's original characters, etc.)
2. Touhou Project / Gensokyo 20XX character battle sprites for side-view battle (same examples as above)
3. Touhou Project / Gensokyo 20XX enemy graphics for side-view battle (fairy enemies, human soldiers, prison staff, rogue youkai, etc.)
4. Gensokyo 20XX parallax map and battle backgrounds (destroyed areas of Gensokyo, the prisons, warzones, nuclear ruins, etc.)
5. Gensokyo 20XX tilesets (eg. modern warzone, nuclear ruins, etc.) and object sprites for the map (eg. weapons, clothing, food, medical supplies, etc.)
6. Touhou Project / Gensokyo 20XX face portraits (the square images that appear beside text; examples include the game characters, Amoridere's original characters, and human enemies) with multiple emotions (eg. Happy, sad, scared, crying, asleep, pain)

1. You must be a fan of Touhou Project, and have fair knowledge of the games and characters. This way, I know you're interested.
2. You must have read Gensokyo 20XX to at least the end of 20XXIV, to be aware of and understand the general idea of what I am trying to create.
3. You must own RPG Maker MV and have knowledge of the specifications of its assets, including resolution of images and the layout of spritesheets. This is because I want the resolution of the images given to me, to be exactly as RPG Maker MV presents them. If a mistake is simple enough for me to edit, I will do so with a slight cut from the payment, depending on how much I need to edit. Certain graphics, like character walking sprites, can be larger than the usual resolution (for example, human vehicle units like tanks and helicopters) as long as the quality is consistent with RPG Maker MV base resource standards.
4. You must be capable of one of these depending on what you intend to create:
4a. Map objects, tilesets, character walking sprites and side-view battle sprites may only be created by someone with competent skill in editing and/or from-scratch creation of sprites, pixel-by-pixel.
4b. Face portraits, enemy battle graphics, battle backgrounds and parallax map backgrounds may only be created in an anime style along the lines of Touhou Project portraits drawn by Twilight Frontier's artists, or otherwise HD above-ZUN style. The latter three assets can also be done in realistic style, and the artist will be paid extra if a realistic image works with a particularly depressing or disturbing scene.
4c. If you wish to do types of graphics from both 4a and 4b, you must have the skills for both.
5. You must be ready to create an image from the next set I need once I have the resources to complete an episode. (eg. The last image I need for the fourth episode is received, so then I provide a list of what I need for the fifth episode)
6. You must have a Paypal account, so that I can pay you. Link the page for me to pay to as a Note to me when I agree to hire you.

Default pay will be revealed to those who are interested, and can be increased for those I really want to hire.
You may or may not be asked for a demo image depending on the presentation of your interest in working for me.
New account! I figure now that using my old account :iconautismsucksbyfar9000: I would be offending myself and many others. I will still have the account open though, as I am too lazy to re-upload stuff. know what I mean?
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